Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Overbrook Farms Club! For more information about member eligibility, benefits, and annual membership renewal, scroll down on this page.

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Why join?


  • Help elect our directors

  • Provide input into important decisions

  • Set priorities for community work

  • Volunteer for neighborhood initiatives

  • Receive invitations to member events

We need your voice!

Our new membership is about improving basic communications and outreach to our current and future neighbors.

As the city continues to attract new residents, our neighborhood is changing. To manage change well, we need better communication. Upcoming topics include:

  • St. Joseph’s University has completed a new Master Plan. We need to engage the University and our elected officials on how the plan will impact our neighborhood.

  • The Philadelphia Historical Commission is planning to move to vote on our historic district nomination. We need to understand what that means for our community.

  • We have been invited to work on a comprehensive plan for the 63rd Street commercial corridor. We will need community input.

  • There are neighborhood beautification and public safety opportunities. We need to demonstrate support and provide specific feedback.

Who’s eligible?

  • You are a person of legal age (18 years or older).

  • You are willing to submit your full name, street address, current email, and a telephone contact for the Membership Roster.

  • You own or are a long-term tenant of a residential or commercial address that falls within our City-approved catchment: 58th Street to 66th Street, City Avenue to Woodbine Avenue, including the 6400 and 6600 blocks of Woodcrest Avenue and Morris Park Road.

NOTE: Membership is per person, not per household or per address. You may have as many members per household or address as you wish.

What’s the process?

Your first step to becoming an official member of the Overbrook Farms Club is to complete the required sections of the form in the brochure insert. Our Membership Committee will verify that your address falls within our catchment, and you will be formally added to the Membership Roster by resolution at the next scheduled meeting of the OFC board.

You can become a member at any time, but all members must renew annually during the month of January by electronically verifying that your contact information is still current. You will be sent a renewal notice.

You are an official member once the board adds you to the Roster. Simply signing up here does not automatically make you a member. You will receive a welcome email once you have been added to the Roster.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Overbrook Farms Club!